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What if you could get inside the minds of your buyers and sellers? What if you could save thousands of marketing $$$ by realizing that what you assumed was important, this new generation of consumers couldn’t care less about?

Now you can…

Hear it Direct is your chance to hear the unfiltered voice of the consumer tell you what they want, why they do or do not choose you, which branding/marketing stands out and which is invisible, what they value, what frustrates them, and THEIR view of our role and our industry. It may not be what you think!

Event attendees will get to hear directly from three consumer panels: Buyers, Sellers (a variety of ages and price ranges), and a Gen Y panel. After each panel there will be a Q & A followed by a Mastermind discussion where we discuss what we heard, what it all means, and what we can do to make our businesses more consumer-centric so that you can walk away with actionable ideas and a new mindset! AHAs guaranteed!

Come to our events with an open mind, armed with questions, and ready to participate!

Created by nationally-recognized real estate experts, Sue Adler and Rob Hahn, the event offers Brokers, Realtors and other real estate industry professionals stunning insight into the mind of their clients. Through intimate panel discussions event attendees will benefit from real perspectives that will help them reinvent their businesses in the midst of the new Consumer-Driven Real Estate Model.  If you would like an event in your town, Contact Us.

Download our brochure here: HearItDirectBrochure

Watch short video below to see what we’re all about!

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    About 5 days ago
  • If you had to choose just one, what's more helpful...insights from buyers or sellers?
    About 5 days ago
  • Finalizing recruiting this week for our very first all Asian Buyer Panel for the @AREAA convention. This panel... http://t.co/zmDccAn3dE
    About 12 days ago